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Our Services Include:


Swedish Imports provides quality service 

Swedish Imports uses manufacturer level diagnostic equipment and special tools. This investment in technology combined with our experience and care provides a quality service for you and your vehicle, without wasting your time and money.

We also provide tire and alignment services at competitive prices. Not all alignments are created equal, and not all alignment equipment is created equally. Todays complex multi-link suspension systems require quality precision equipment and training for optimal performance. Swedish Imports uses Beissbarth Alignment equipment. Beissbarth aligners are equipped with precision engineered cameras in a 360 degree closed system, which allow us to measure and correct very minute variations in your vehicles alignment that other equipment may not have the ability to detect. A good vehicle alignment contributes to longer tire wear, better driving characteristics and fuel economy, all of which lowers the actual cost of ownership long term.

Fuel quality variability can cause carbon build up and high temperature driving can increase engine friction by breaking down engine oils. These wear items can reduce your vehicles operating efficiency and can lead to repairs that may be avoided with regular maintenance over time. We offer a full line of BG fuel and fluid maintenance products ie: Full Synthetic transmission flushes, fuel induction service, Fuel treatments, Brake fluid flushes etc. to help keep your vehicle operating.

Swedish Imports is located @ 3821 Martinez Boulevard just past the Martinez Post Office. Our phone number is (706)860-8930. We are open Monday-Friday from 8:30-5:30.

The CSRAs Family owned and operated for 36 years.